Washington Pesticide Laws and Safety Practice Test

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Who should be contacted in the event of a large spill that requires outside assistance?

The local police department

A private cleaning company

The Washington Emergency Management Division

In the event of a large spill, contacting the Washington Emergency Management Division (choice C) is the most appropriate course of action. This is because they are specifically designated to handle emergency situations and are best equipped to coordinate outside assistance. The local police department (choice A) may not have the necessary resources or expertise to handle a chemical spill. A private cleaning company (choice B) may not be equipped to handle large spills or may not have the necessary safety protocols in place. Similarly, the nearest hospital (choice D) is not the best option as their primary focus is providing medical care and they may not have the necessary training or equipment to handle a chemical spill. Therefore, in order to efficiently and safely manage a large spill, it is important to contact the designated agency, the Washington Emergency Management Division, for assistance.

The nearest hospital